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We believe that a person is defined by a myriad of elements and not only academic performance. Character, charisma and etiquette are also quintessential. As a matter of fact, most international tertiary institutions and employers place strong emphasis on the interviewee’s charisma, sports achievement, appreciation of arts and community involvement.


Discipline of martial arts (i.e. taekwondo and judo) lead to better energy and fitness, greater coordination and higher self-esteem.
They train student's ability to recognise and handle situations in which self-defence may be required.


Sports is not only a tool to train the child's physical fitness, but also a canvas to help him or her develop passion, fortitude and concept of teamwork.
Sports (i.e. golf, tennis and badminton) cultivate strength of character, mind and etiquette. Relevantly, they are also social sports that help to enhance one's social sphere and forge useful connections.


Child may prefer enrichment programmes with tangible benefits, meaning programmes which develop skillsets that are valued by employers (i.e. programming, toastmaster, debate and scouting).

Alternatively, child may opt to develop his or her artistic flairs, and appreciation of arts. In this case he or she may opt for art and music lessons (i.e. musical instruments, drama, dancing, photography and design).

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