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Constructing a family-esque environment for the child

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Imagine a family. We believe that most people’s portray of an ideal family consists of multiple children so that the younger siblings have someone of the same generation whom they can relate and look up to. This is where Lineage distinguishes itself from other education agency. We strive to construct a team that is as similar as a real family for the child. Therefore, in addition to guardians, we also provide tutors.

These tutors are shortlisted from well-mannered, sociable, academically brilliant young adults who are also well versed in sports. They are mostly either University students or fresh graduates. Their younger age, helps to forge a closer, trusting relationship between the child and our mentor(s).

This is integral, as younger children in their development age, may prefer to confide certain issues in peers (mentors) than parents (guardians). These mentors will not only provide a sibling presence. They can also help to provide extra tuition for the children if need be, bring the children out for social activities (i.e. watching a movie, cycling, eating out), or escort the children for weekend getaway (i.e. to nearby cities or islands).


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