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Emulating A Complete Home

The homestay package includes (1) a full year of guardianship; (2) daily breakfast and dinner during its entirety; and (3) everyday guidance on English.

Beyond the regular package, guardians may also offer to bring the child to visit art centres, musical performances, or dining at restaurants of various cuisines. This is non-obligatory, and the child may choose to opt in based on interest and budget.


Daily Needs and Assistance


Parental role in the child's new life

Child will be taken care of and mentored by business retirees with rich life experience, who are also loving parents with outstanding children. 

In comparison to freelancing or foreigner guardians, our guardians are Singaporeans who are privy to the requirements of our education system. This enables them to supervise the child's studies effectively and provide advice accordingly.

Periodically, our guardians will provide update on the child to his or her parents, so that they continue to be included in the child's life.


Daily breakfast and dinner

Daily breakfast and dinner will be provided during the entirety of the home-stay. 

Parents can be assured that we will provide healthy and delectable options, with a mix of Western and local cuisine.

During weekends, the guardians may periodically invite the children to join them in having outside meals. This is entirely optional. The child may decide based on his or her preference and budget. Child will have an opportunity to get exposed to foreign cuisine and learn the corresponding etiquette.


Accelerating the child's learning progress

Guardian will converse daily with the child in English. This is to foster a bilingual environment for his or her learning, which will also accelerate their improvement in their English verbal ability.  

If the child is stumbled by homework, he or she may also consult the guardian candidly to seek assistance in order to complete their homework on time. 

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